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Surgical An environment replete with cutting-edge medical equipment opens up new possibilities in minimally invasive surgery for a wider range of medical care.

Practical simulations can be implemented based on real scenarios from various perspectives using dry models and surgical navigation systems across a wider range of medical care. As well as seeking to ensure product safety and appropriate use, the aim is also to establish and promote minimally invasive treatment with safe state-of-the-art medical care.

A variety of programs is provided, such as laparoscopic surgery using sophisticated dry models and practice using artificial brain models.
Angiography Road map for future intravascular treatment adopting multiple approaches with the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

The most advanced diagnostic instruments and facilities are equipped for optimal hands-on experience focused on safe and appropriate use of products in an environment similar to clinical setting. New intravascular procedures are being developed, such as hybrid neurosurgical and vascular surgical therapy, as well as surgery using 3D fluoroscopic simulation for cardiovascular treatment.

Environment similar to clinical setting, featuring state-of-the-art angiograph and 3D mapping equipment.
Communication Everyone involved in medical care is interconnected here and drives innovation.

The facilities and infrastructure - including a large seminar room, domestic and international communications network and remote video conference system - have been designed not only for on-site practice, but also for classroom lectures and seminars. This ideal environment makes it possible to deliver programs held in laboratories and the catheterization lab to the world as future innovations.

A 200-person seminar room and smaller meeting rooms are also provided.
JJDI -Diabetes Institute- New medical care procedures for diabetes via various training programs and workshops.

Comprehensive and practical training is provided, ranging from the latest medical care and treatment for diabetes, with new therapy tools and techniques, to education about recuperation. We contributes to advancements in international medical care for diabetes in association with all parties who are involved in diabetic care, including physicians and nurses as well as diabetes educators.

Enriched by an environment promoting communication, such as a relaxing lounge and cafeteria.


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